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clip strip

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Model: I-613612

Size: 610mm H * 36mm W
Thickness: 0.6mm
Hooks: 12
Hook space: 50mm
Hook length: 25mm                                                                                                                                Material: PP

Detailed information
1. It’s popular and easy to display small gifts and jewelry items.
2. Easy and quick to use precut clear tabs turn bags and small boxes into display item.
3. Eliminated the needs for space, they help to create space for more products with increase facing and can lower your packaging costs.
4. For supermarket disply, marketing, promotion.
5. Used to hang your products on peg boards or on free-standing counter racks to trigger more impulse buys at the checkout.
6. Customized design available.
7. OEM are welcome.

Product Detail Image

I-613612 tu.jpg